FVU Start, Reading and Mathematics

While attending a Danish education at AOF Language Centre you have the possibility to take supplementary classes at FVU.

FVU Start
FVU Start is for you who need to improve your oral language skills – primarily vocabulary. You will be working with smaller written assignments.

FVU Reading
FVU Reading is for you who wish to improve your reading, spelling and writing by taking supplementary classes while attending the AOF Language Centre. Here you learn how to understand, how to use, and how to produce written assignments.

FVU Reading has 4 different levels(Steps 1-4). Each level can be finished with an exam.

FVU Mathematics
FVU Mathematics is for you, who wish to improve your skills in mathematics. Here you learn how to understand, how to handle and how to produce mathematics in daily life.

FVU Mathematics has 2 different levels(Steps 1-2). Each level can be finished with an exam.

FVU Screening and level exams
Before attending FVU you need to take an FVU-Screening test. From the result of the screening, and together with a personal interview, we guide you to whether FVU is right for you and your needs, and we make sure that you will attend the correct level.

FVU level exams qualify for:

  • Passed level 3 qualifies for grade 9 at VUC
  • Passed level 4 qualifies for Business- and vocational schools (combined with an FVU Mathematics exam level 2)
  • Passed level 4 can be used when applying for Danish Citizenship

Participation is free.